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Results on petition against Indianhead Realty, Inc.

  Name Date Comment
213 Aileen Briggs 2014-05-08
214 James Burke 2014-05-28 I am the owner of 11 Pine Mountain Drive abutting the campground. I am concerned about noise the project would create and any sand/gravel that may be blown into the home/property.
215 dorothea whalen 2014-06-18 This is for huge financial gain for the owner from a mining operation at the expense of this residential neighborhood. The ruse of the added facilities to improve the campground business without any safety consideration for even the campers is so apparent. Please save our residential neighborhood and keep us SAFE.
216 Thomas Delisle 2014-06-22
217 Lisa king 2014-08-04
218 Lexi Kaye 2014-08-05
219 Ricki Bolles 2014-08-05
220 Karen Edwards 2014-08-06 Keep Plymouth Green!
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