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Results on petition against Indianhead Realty, Inc.

  Name Date Comment
32 Diane Fletcher 2011-12-07
49 Richard McDonough 2012-02-13 I will look out my back door and see the day to day workings of this site, dust from old sandwich rd already is a problem in our neighborhood.the town will not pave to stop the problem, now they want to build a dust bowl in our neighborhood !
34 robert schwartzman 2011-12-07
35 Shannon Adams 2012-02-12
36 Alexandra Barbeau 2012-02-12
37 Emily Okraska 2012-02-12
38 Jonathan Barbeau 2012-02-12
39 Jen Forsberg 2012-02-12
40 Laurie Abruzzese 2012-02-13 I live right on Rt 3A and I don't feel safe as it is going to my mailbox or shoveling snow at the end of the driveway. There is so much traffic now, and the speeds are crazy fast for the amount of residents, add big trucks to the mixture and I foresee car accidents, maybe even fatal ones.
41 Joseph Whalen 2012-02-13 This project has to be stopped.
42 joseph whalen 2012-02-13
43 Peter Caleshu 2012-02-13 I VOTE AGAINST THE PETITION.
44 doreen klucevsek 2012-02-13
45 francesca klucevsek-whalen 2012-02-13
46 Peter Hayes 2012-02-13
47 Aida Harris 2012-02-13 I strenuously object to any sort of commerce other than the already designated use of land as a campground. The disruption to land, wildlife and ecology will be immeasurable. I moved into this neighborhood precisely because of its rural atmosphere and this will be completely altered in a negative way if this surface moining is allowed.
48 Anne Marie Hayes 2012-02-13 We moved to this area because it is rural, yet convenient to the ocean. We wish not for it to be altered for the benefit of this type of business.
50 Robert Mellon 2012-02-13 Our homes have already decreased so much in value over the past few years. Now you want to mine a half million cubic yards of sand and gravel over the next two years? The quality of life in our neighborhood will be so negatively affected by this plan that I might end up having to walk away from my property.
51 Christine Mellon 2012-02-13 I feel this action will have a terrible effect on our neighborhood and the value of our properties. Please do not go forward with this plan!
52 Robert Welsh 2012-02-13
53 Rachael Gilbert 2012-02-13
54 Paul Doyle 2012-02-16
55 Paul Allard 2012-02-17 Maaaaan, get those mining dudes outta there. That's not a mine dawg.
56 Megan McDonough 2012-02-20 please shut down this project. it will ruin the neighborhood and hurt many of us living here and the land and water. it will destroy what so many people love about this area!
57 Don Davis 2012-03-30
58 Vicynthia Tjahjadi 2012-07-23
59 Elizabeth Fitzgerald 2013-12-30 I have 3 young children who will want to play outside. There will be dust and huge trucks that put my families life at risk. I will sue this company if a truck comes near my children or they get sick or asthma from all the dust. Pick a place that doesn't have 10 children plus more in surrounding neighborhoods. You are only putting yourself in financial disaster. I will be watching and waiting for 1 slip up. Not to mention men shooting off guns.
62 Leah Davis 2013-12-30
60 Amy Strohschneider 2013-12-30 We just bought our home here with the hopes of raising a family in a quiet neighborhood community. This project is most upsetting to us as recent home buyers. Our property abuts Indianhead Resort. Had we known this land mining would be an option, I think we seriously would have considered not purchasing our home. What an awful feeling to think something like this could happen when we have made a huge investment in our property and may end up loosing equity because of this change in land use in o
61 Derek Strohschneider 2013-12-30 I am disappointed to learn of the proposed construction on the Indian Head campground site. As a direct abutter I am concerned about the numerous effects from the proposed plan. My primary concerns are the devaluing of the property investment in my residence. Additionally the destruction of the environment, the trees, and the native wildlife would not outweigh the potential benefits. The construction should be considered for a location where there would be less excavation, thus being less enviro