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Results on petition against Indianhead Realty, Inc.

  Name Date Comment
1 Justin Zachor 2011-11-15 Sand and gravel mining in Plymouth and Bourne is a serious problem for both ecology and residential community settings. Please deny Indianhead's request for this plan.
2 Gwen Alexander 2011-11-15 Please protect our quiet community and natural environment. This industrial project does not belong in our rural residential neighborhood.
3 Bonnie Heiligmann 2011-11-15 Please don't alllow this
4 Peter Schwartzman 2011-11-18 This is clearly a case of benefit to few at the expense of the en
5 David Ellis 2011-11-18 It is already bad enough that Landers trucks are in and out of Cedarville and have a pit on Hedges Pond Road that produces load and very constant annoying high pitched sound on a daily basis from gravel excavating equipment. This sound carries all the way to Ellisville Rd. It is hard to understand WHY the town allows this industry in the middle of a residential area!!ENOUGH!!!
6 Richard Smith 2011-11-18 My family frequently visits the state park in Ellisville as it is one of the few places in Plymouth with public access to the ocean that abuts a truly thriving marsh. We enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and believe having a project like this across the street may adversely affect visitor's experiences at this unique site. I also have concerns regarding possible runoff to either Savery Pond or Ellisville marsh.
7 Sharl Heller 2011-11-19 The mining of sand and gravel does not belong in neighborhoods.
8 Laura Russell-Segrue 2011-11-19 My family has lived in Ellisville for over 100 years
9 Kevin Segrue 2011-11-19 My wifes family has lived there for over 100 years
10 Jennifer Crocker 2011-11-19 As someone who grew up in Ellisville and owns a share in property there, I strongly oppose surface mining of sand and gravel in this residential area.
11 Elizabeth David 2011-11-19
12 Eric Heller 2011-11-19 Please prohibit this. We are not a mining district, and the ZBA should not allow it to become one, right next to homes.
13 Joan Brown 2011-11-21 The tranquility of this neighbourhood will be disturbed if there is sand and gravel mining going on here. That is a noisy, dusty business, and the reason people chose to live in this peaceful neighbourhood next to an expanse of conservation land and a lovely pond is so that they would be spared the noise and dust and frequent disruption of just such a sand and gravel operation.
14 Tom Schwartzman 2011-11-21 don't ruin this tranquil place.
15 Paula Marcoux 2011-11-21
16 Bethany Lamoureux 2011-11-21
17 Lillian Woodburn 2011-11-22
18 Susan Sheren 2011-11-22 As an owner of property on Savory Pond, I am opposed to the excavation of gravel next to a stream which empties into Ellisville Marsh.
19 Jill Chaves 2011-11-22
20 Sarah Ann Mahoney 2011-11-22 Lots of study and effort have gone into preserving and protecting this important coastal region and a sand and gravel pit would compromise the ecological balance.
21 Paul Martino 2011-11-22 The brook run-off from Savery Pond, under Ri 3A, across Ellisville Road and into Ellisville harbor will be destroyed.
22 Bobbi Martino 2011-11-22
23 Shannah Sorrenti 2011-11-22 This coastal community has various living organisms, which rely upon the preservation natural resources for survival.
24 Mikaela Fahey 2011-11-22
25 Theodore Curtin 2011-11-22
26 Peter Hruby 2011-11-23
27 Mike Felcher 2011-11-21
29 myles kiley 2011-11-27
30 Roger Janson 2011-11-27
31 Gerald David 2011-11-28 Please don't let mindless scarring of Plymouths landscape continue and ever expand. There is more value in mountains woods and wildlife, than in a few truckloads of sand.