Petition against Indianhead Realty, Inc.

I, the undersigned, am at least 18 years of age and oppose Indianhead Realty/Richard Churchill’s application requesting a special permit to expand non-conforming use, section 205-25, of an existing recreational campground by special permit subject to environmental design criteria, section 305-40(D). Proposed expansion includes recreational fields and maintenance facility requiring special permit for excavation, sections 205-18(B,F & G), to constrcut the facility supporting operation of the campground.

I urge the Plymouth Zoning Board of Appeals to vote AGAINST this application, which will allow Indianhead Realty/Richard Churchill to dramatically alter our rural residential, coastal community. I have serious concerns about this project, as I feel it will adversely impact both the residents and the natural environment, along with exploiting a Rural Residential Zone for commercial profit. I request that you to consider the following factors when making your decision:

1.) Environmental Impact:

  • Removal of trees at the site could cause erosion and runoff, creating the potential to harm the water quality in Herring Brook and the Ellisville Marsh (designated Massachusetts Area of Critical Environmental Concern), which in turn will impact rare wildlife.
  • Removal of 499,053 cubic yards of sand and gravel will create airborne particles that have the potential to harm the Ellisville Marsh habitat while also increasing dust and debris in neighboring homes.

2.) Rural Residential Community:

  • Richard and Pamela Churchill operate their business, Indianhead Resort, in a Rural Residential neighborhood. The campground abuts 44 other parcels. Homeowners in our neighborhood settled here because of the very rural and natural environment. Creating an active construction site over the next four years will drastically affect our quiet community, and significantly lower our property values.
  • Surface mining 499,053 cubic yards of sand and gravel will generate noise pollution from excavation, “truck back up warning, ” and diesel engines, disturbing homeowners and wildlife.
  • Creation of a 60’ x 80’ “maintenance facility, ” and ongoing maintenance activity, will further add to the noise generation.
  • Surface mining will cause an increase in motor vehicle activity on local roads. Removal of one half-million cubic yards (670,000 metric tonnes) of sand and gravel will require 40 trips daily by 32-ton, 10-wheel trucks for 2 continuous years. This will cause destruction to our local roads and increase traffic in an already congested area of town (Cedarville).

3.) Questionable Motives:

  • Richard Churchill, owner of Churchill Engineering, promotes specialization of “Excavation Contracting ” and “Sand, Gravel & Loam ” on his business marketing materials. It is our belief that Churchill Engineering intends to use this Rural Residential zoned land for private commercial industry, under the pretext of campground expansion.
  • Approving this petition may create the opportunity for Pamela and Richard Churchill to surface mine additional land, as they “pay down the debt ” on their land and “the bank releases the property ” (email correspondence dated 9/14/11 from Richard Churchill to ZBA).
  • Approving this petition may also invite neighboring land owners to petition to surface mine their properties in the future.

I ask you to vote AGAINST the approval of this petition, and support the preservation of our quiet, coastal community.


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